Lesson 14: USSD Menu

Sample USSD parameters

In the previous lesson, we assume a student results application that works as follows
We use a user in place of a student
Step 1
A student dials *123# and sees this menu

Welcome to EXAMRESULTS. Please reply with:
1. Register
2. Login

Route 1:

Step 2
User replies with 1 and sees this

Enter your registration number (Username:

 Step 3
A user enters registration number and sees this

Enter your first name:

Step 4
User enters first name and sees this

Enter your last name:

Step 5
User enters last name and sees this

Select gender :
1. To select male
2. To select female

Step 6
A user select say 1 and sees this

Set your password: 

Step 7
A user enter password or perhaps a PIN and sees this 

Please select
1. Accept registration
2. Cancel

Step 8
A user selects 1 and sees this 

Thank you for using this service

The user also receives an SMS. This is the end of this route.
Or selects 2 and everything is cancelled. 

Route 2:

Step 9
At step 2 a user may select 2, if he already has an account to see this menu 

Enter your Username (registration number): 

Step 10 
A user enters a username and sees this 

Enter your password:

Step 11 
A user enters password to see

Select your year of study
1. For year 1
2. For year 2
3. For year 3

Step 12
A user select a year then sees this 

Select semister
1.For semister 1
2.For semester 2

User selects 1 or 2 to see results such as 
COM 300 78 A
COM 346 56 C
COM 345 67 B

blah blah blah………

Think of this menu. A user will reply with names, numbers, sometime a 1 and a 1 at different times.

 What next?

In the next lesson, we will discuss this menu and see how we go about implementing it. 

Feel free to leave a comment.  


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