Lesson 10: Inbuilt and user defined functions:array_shift() – PHP

From lesson 9, we did learn how to use explode() function. The return type of this function is an array and we did print the array elements in lesson .

array_shift() removes the first element in the and reassigns the indices.



array Required parameter. Specifies an array to be shifted

This function returns the value of the removed element from an array, or NULL if the array is empty

See below


$mystring = “*188*1*2*”;

$result = explode(“*”,$mystring);

echo $result;

for ($i = 0; $i < count($result); ++$i) {
echo $result[$i] . " ";

echo array_shift( $result);?> 

The reason why we are doing array_shift() will be precisely known when we start on principals of USSD

Count ()

This function is used to count elements in a data structure. In this our case, this function will count and return the number of elements in an array.


$mystring = “*188*1*2*”;

$result = explode(“*”,$mystring);

echo $result;

echo count($result);// see what count(array) returns


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